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Fatboy Owners logo onto own garments

Fatboy Owners logo onto own garments


We can embroider the Fatboy Owners logo onto your own material, bags or garments for you in store. 
We are able to embroider onto a very wide range of garments and on a wide range of different types of material.

10cm wide logo embroidery - £3
10cm wide logo embroidery on sleeves - £4
15cm wide logo embroidery - £5
20cm wide logo embroidery - £8

Please bare in mind not all garments are suitable for heavy embroidery and some may not have embroidery access for large embroidery. In store staff can help advise you on the possibilities and restrictions on garments brought into store. 

Orders take normally take 7-14 working days but this dose vary depending on the time of year.

Although we do take great care when embroidering onto your own garments, embroidery is done by a large machine and sometimes issues and errors can arise. 
All embroidery onto your own garments is therefore done at your own risk should anything go wrong, and we are unable to cover the cost of your garment. Staff can advise you on all risks when you bring your item into store. 

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